Flatwood Damage Assessment

The work to rebuild the Flatwood community continues. Recently the Flatwood damage assessment was provided by Gary Barron of the Montgomery EMA, which includes the following damage:

  • Trailers/Prefab - 13
  • Structure homes - 36
  • Residential - 98
  • Agricultural - 2%
  • Major Damage: 15 homes
  • Destroyed: 3 Homes

There was a total of 45 damage assessments conducted in the Flatwood community.

River Region United Way has provided 7 hotel rooms housing 12 individuals that have been extended to Friday (December 23) morning.

River Region United Way and the Flatwood Community still ask for your support. While this disaster may not meet the requirements for FEMA assistance, assistance is still needed. If you are interested in donating to the Flatwood Community today, please click on the donate button below and designate your donation to Flatwood.

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