A Community Thrives

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What is "A Community Thrives"?

A Community Thrives is a nationwide grantmaking and crowdfunding initiative of the Gannett Foundation. River Region United Way is competing with nonprofits across the country who are tackling acute needs in their communities. The project or organization that raises the most funding over the next few weeks will win an additional $100,000 to support their efforts.

Change How The Story Ends

What community problem will these funds be used for?

River Region United Way will use this funding to start a new initiative supporting new and existing efforts – programs from birth through third grade – to help all students learn to read at or above grade level by the end of the third grade. Third grade is a critical time for young learners – it’s when students go from learning to read (Pre-K through 3rd) to reading to learn (4th grade on). 

We already know that students who continue to struggle after the third grade are less likely to graduate from high school on time, go on to college or vocational school, or be successful in their career. It is difficult for students to catch up after they move on from third grade. Currently, more than half of students across the River Region are not reading proficiently (as indicated by the results of 4th grade reading assessments). 
Working together, we can make big strides to increase the number of students reading at or above grade level by the end of third grade; this is key for our River Region communities to thrive. This is your chance to get involved and help all students achieve their potential. 


Please join us in this important work!

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